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Live in Crewe or Nantwich? Save a further 14.5%

Our prices are already low. But to say ‘thanks’ to all local residents and businesses who’ve supported us over the last 10 years, we’re offering a further 14.5% discount if you switch to eZe-Talk.

Based upon eZe-Talk’s “Surf & Talk Home” discounted locals rate package compared to BT’s equivalent showing the first 12 months’ worth of savings in a 24 month contract.

Make the switch and save!

Unique Discount Offer - Sign Up TodayIf you live within a 30 mile radius of Crewe or Nantwich, you qualify for our special local discount of 14.5%. Switch today by either clicking on the ‘sign up today’ button, or call us on 0845 017 9878 and quote the saver code below.

Your exclusive local 14.5% saver code:

Don’t forget the eZe-Talk price guarantee

eZe-Talk is dedicated to cutting the cost of line rental, calls and broadband for everyone in the UK. Plus, switch now and we guarantee that your call costs will never increase as long as you remain a customer.

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